By Evelyn Leckie – 

POLICE and an RSPCA inspector attended a property in Lancefield on Wednesday after three horses were observed to be malnourished.

Sergeant Chris Botwood, of Lancefield police, was attending the property for an unrelated matter when he noticed the neglected horses.

“The elder, a 36-year-old mare, was severely malnourished and the other two looked mistreated with their hoofs not trimmed back,” Sgt Botwood said.

“The owner was served with a notice to comply with certain conditions which included having a vet come out to inspect the horses.”

A RSPCA Victoria spokesperson said they couldn’t comment on the case yet as it was being finalised.

The spokesperson said they were currently investigating several equine related cases and watching vulnerable horses and ponies across the state.

“Drought conditions have caused the price of feed to rise substantially and RSPCA Victoria continues to receive a devastating number of reports about horses suffering in poor condition,” the spokesperson said.

“Horses, like any pet, are a lifelong commitment and require many hours of time and dedication to ensure their ongoing welfare.

“Last financial year RSPCA Victoria investigated 1,712 reports from the public relating to horses, which involved an estimated 10,000 horses.

“Around 67 per cent of all horse-related reports made to our inspectorate related to underweight animals, insufficient feed or insufficient water.

“The introduction of a national horse register and mandatory microchipping would significantly improve our ability to investigate and address concerns around horse welfare.”


  1. Horse here in Coleraine neglected not fed not cared for. Doing my best through legal channels to get some help for this horse

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