Abandoned Angora goat Masha springs back to life

Masha, the Angora goat, was abandoned but luckily found a home at Edgar’s Mission, Lancefield. She is pictured among daffodils at Woodend’s Glen Osmond farm, a partner of Edgar’s Mission. ​

At just two days old, the situation was looking grim for Masha, an abandoned Angora goat.

But kindness found her in the form of some people who took the tiny waif to Lancefield animal sanctuary Edgar’s Mission.

“Masha would have to be one the teeny, tiniest baby goats who has passed through our sanctuary gates,” Edgar’s Mission founder Pam Ahern said.

Ms Ahern said Masha weighed in at just 1.86 kilograms.

“But don’t be fooled by her size,” she said.

“Her impact is anything but. Masha has two speeds – all systems go or sleep. And doing both, she is incredibly adorable.”

Images of Masha gambolling through a daffodil field at Woodend’s Glen Osmond no doubt support Ms Ahern’s words.

The partnership between Glen Osmond and Edgar’s Mission is the brainchild of Glen Osmond owner and Woodend identity Janet Hawkins.

With the larger part of the property already gifted to Very Special Kids, several rescued sheep from Edgar’s Mission roam the house property.

Occupants of two specially-designed houses are treated to the daily antics of the sheep and are given opportunities to feed and interact with them.

“Glen Osmond, daffodils, kids of all species, and kindness, it doesn’t get any better than that,” Ms Ahern said.