A gas pipe ruptured in Station Street, Wallan East, prompting the evacuation of nearby residents of the early hours of Wednesday.

The Country Fire Authority, CFA, was called to the gas pipe leak at 3.30am after a 180-millimetre pipe ruptured.

Following the gas rupture, emergency services warned anyone located within Wallan East to move indoors, close windows and vents and follow instructions from police and emergency services at the scene.

A CFA media spokesperson said the cause of the rupture was unknown.

“The gas company isolated the high pressure gas main at 9.49am,” she said.

“The incident was brought under control at 9.49am and declared safe just before 10am.”

The Hume Freeway was closed between Wandong Road, Wandong, and the Northern Highway, Wallan, at 6.24am and re-opened to traffic at 8.05am.

Watson Street was also closed earlier that morning.

Some school bus routes were affected by the rupture, and people were not able to board or disembark at Wallan East Rail Station.

The rupture did not cause any disruptions to V/Line services.