Business survives with new purpose

Nicholas Romeo and Victor Stoyanaski worked together to quickly supply PPE equipment to Northern Health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

WHEN Northern Health increasingly needed PPE equipment as the COVID-19 pandemic swept around the globe, the hospital didn’t have to look far for an innovative supplier.

When Nicholas Romeo, head scientist and lab manager of the respiratory department, needed a business that could fold plastic, he decided to find a business in Epping that was up to the challenge.

Norbind Plastics had already stood down the majority of its staff, working them only in rotation when Northern Health asked for their help.

The company was already supplying the plastic folders that sit at the patients’ end of the bed, one week later the company was producing and supplying PPE equipment for the hospital.

Norbind Plastics owner Victor Stoyanaski was able to quickly develop prototypes for the equipment that was approved by various stakeholders including the emergency department and theatre physicians.

The 28-year-old businessman is now in the process of delivering an additional 10,000 face masks to Northern Health.

“I want to make it more efficient and then ramp up production,” Mr Stoyanaski said.
Mr Stoyanaski has already had enquiries both from Melbourne and interstate.

“If not for Nicholas Romeo, I would be facing a very different business scenario,” he said.

“On behalf of my team and myself, I can’t thank Northern Health enough, for thinking of local business at a challenging time like this for all of us.”

“It’s true what they say – we are in this together.”