Tamsyn Murray and her son Josh say demand for their ethical eggs have increased since the coronavirus pandemic began.

By Steph McNicol

ONE business thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic is Josh’s Rainbow Eggs as it tries to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for ‘ethical eggs’.

Tamsyn Murray and her son Josh have spent more than a decade building a business which aims to teach sustainability and ethics through how they produce and sell their products.

Ms Murray said demand for their eggs has increased drastically since last month.

“Our lives are much busier as everyone wants more eggs, more of our eggs. We are the fortunate ones as for us business is better not worse,” she said.

“We are very much in demand and everyday store managers and customers call us asking for eggs.

“It is really great to feel people’s appreciation for our eggs.

“This is a good time for primary producers as customers are grateful for what we produce – since the virus sales have increased and have stayed high.”

The business owners said they had been waiting for demand to slow, but there was no sign of stopping.

“We have been waiting for demand to slow, but with Easter, Greek Easter and Passover, demand is still going up. This is the highest we have ever seen it in the 10 years since I started the business,” Mr Murray said.

Orders for Josh’s Rainbow Eggs have continued flowing in from supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths, as well as individual store owners.

“All our store orders come from an automated system at Coles and Woolworths, however individual store managers are able to place a special order for our eggs,” she said.

“They have greatly appreciated our ability to deliver to them directly as their supply of eggs from the centralised distribution centres has been much reduced as there is not enough trucks to get goods to the stores.”

Ms Murray said people who wanted to buy eggs should go to one of the stores or visit the farm.

“We have sold a lot more eggs direct from the farm, which has been great. Many locals have made the trip out to see us and get eggs for their families,” she said.

“We really enjoy having a direct connection with our customers, and we like our customers to see the farm and see our hens out in the paddock – reminds us of our farmer’s market days.

“Call us and come to the farm, we would love to meet you, although at a distance.”

For more information, visit the Josh’s Rainbow Eggs website or Facebook page, or give them a call on 0400 833 050.