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Stroud Homes

Split Personality

The good news about building on a slope Clare 256The Clare 256 is our latest split-level designed home. The versatile design is perfectly adapted to...

Top of the range

Montego 450 The Montego is the top of our house range. An architectural home that is hard to compare. A home that, when mixed with...

Vermilion 312

The Vermilion 312 makes a grand impression that just looks ‘right’ on an acreage block; at over 30 meters wide the Vermilion makes the...

Introducing the Wilton 209

Narrow blocks are becoming increasingly common in popular land estates, with some as small as 8.5m wide. Stroud Homes have released a modern two storey...

Designs that ‘Just Work’

The Kentucky 348, 304 & 260 The Kentucky range is feature packed and budget friendly, delivering bang for your buck. The central areas of the...

The meaning of ‘Façade’

What Does ‘Façade’ Mean When Building Your New Home? Don’t be embarrassed. Most people that are new to building a home have no idea what that...

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