Friday, June 14, 2024
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Spring expo to showcase native plants in Wallan

The Mitchell group of the Australian Plants Society, APS, annual native flower show and plant sale returns to Wallan after last year’s successful event.The...

Swooping season starts: Tips to stay safe

WITH spring comes the potential for native birds, such as magpies, and plovers, to swoop during breeding season.A Department of Energy, Environment and Climate...

Beware of bird swooping season

Spring is here, which means native birds are breeding and swooping season has arrived - and Victorians are urged to remain safe.Many parts of...

SES urges people to be flood ready

By Colin MacGillivrayTHE Victoria State Emergency Service, VICSES, has called for people to be flood ready as a potentially wet spring arrives.The Bureau of...

Swooping into spring

By Jackson RussellNow the sun has started to come out swooping season has begun in earnest, with magpies spotted swooping pedestrians and cyclists across...

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