Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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children first

Children First spread Christmas cheer

By Steph McNicolDESPITE limitations caused by the pandemic, Children First Foundation volunteers and children were able to spread Christmas cheer to their much-loved supporters...

Cambodian girls to receive much-needed surgery

By Eden Hynninen Children First Foundation have welcomed two Cambodian girls to their Miracle sMiles Retreat in Kilmore East.Five-year-old Lyly and seven-year-old Reksa travelled...

Kilmore East foundation celebrates 20 years

Children First Foundation is celebrating its 20th year in operation.To recognise the milestone, television program Sunrise and Honda teamed up to donate a car...

Mitchell puts Children First

by Jackson RussellMEMBER for McEwen Rob Mitchell visited the Children First Foundation’s Miracle sMiles Retreat in Kilmore East on Friday to experience a firsthand...

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