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Close game for Kilmore Blues

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Kilmore played Mernda at the JJ Clancy reserve in a tightly contested game on Saturday.

Winning the toss, Kilmore’s Captain Mick Marrett opted to kick to the trackside end with
Ethan Derrick kicking Kilmore’s first goal five minutes into the game and Mernda, who boasts three of the league’s best goal kickers, scored five.

All key players were perfectly positioned, especially in the centre, but Kilmore were in trouble at the first change 1.1 (7) to 5.5 (35).

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During Kilmore’s huddle, Coach Paul Derrick’s speech inspired the team towards an earnest comeback, and Mernda quickly lost their composure. Kicking three goals and seven points, Kilmore won the second term, but the lead belonged to Mernda. 4.8 (32) to 8.5 (53).

Going into the second half, Kilmore were 21 points down, but they gained confidence and found free players. Lachlan Chesher’s three goals and Kilmore’s strong defence allowed Mernda just three tries, and to the delight of the Kilmore cheer squad, two were behinds. A thrilling quarter where Kilmore made up for their sluggish start 8.12 (60) to 10.7 (67).

Embarking on the final term with a six point difference, an early goal from Kilmore’s Vice Captain Chris Barton stabilised the team. Another from Bailey Egan concerned the visitors, and Cheshire Spence confirmed it. Kilmore finally led by four points.

An athletic Lincoln Coffee for Mernda wasn’t having it. Lincoln took two spectacular marks, and assisted Mernda to kick two in a row, and take back the lead. Kilmore’s goal in the final minutes renewed hope for the club, yet the visitors snuck in another behind to win by two points.

“Great game of footy, won three quarters, but a slow start hurt us,” Derrick said.

At the final siren, the scoreboard read Kilmore 12.14 (86) losing to Mernda 13.10 (88).

Kilmore travel to Ivanhoe next week for round 8. They won’t play at home again until June 22, when they challenge Kinglake. The Blues will meet Mernda again in round 16.

Best for Kilmore were Chris Barton, Ryan Bailey, Bailey Taylor-Egan, Lachlan Chesher, Ben Schraven, and Joshua Coe.

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