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Mitchell Shire Council installs new Kilmore signs

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The North Central Review
The North Central Review
The North Central Review is an independently owned newspaper publishing company based in Kilmore that is responsible for publishing two community newspapers each week, covering communities within the Mitchell Shire

Kilmore residents have been left divided over the installation of two new ‘Kilmore’ signs at both ends of the township.

The new signs, which were installed last Tuesday, left many locals dismayed that Mitchell Shire Council had failed to prioritise road safety and maintenance issues.

On a Facebook image of the new south-end sign shared by the Review, disgruntled locals took to the comments to express their disappointment.

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“Why does Kilmore need a new sign? There’s much bigger issues we have here that needs attention like the potholes on our roads!” commented one user.

Another wrote, “Right near the big crevice in the road? Where you almost have to be on the other side of the road to dodge?”.

Other Facebook users shared a more positive sentiment on the signage, with one local writing, “Love it! Kilmore is a beautiful historic town and deserves a nice entrance sign like this.”

Another commented, “How awesome. We deserve new Kilmore signs at the entrances to our beautiful town, the old signs had seen better days. What a plus they were granted!!!”.

Mitchell Shire Council chief executive Bree Luxford said that the $370,000 project was made possible by funds of $121,000 from the Federal Government’s Building Better Regions Fund and $249,000 from the shire.

“The requirement for the installation of a guardrail at the site of the northern sign was determined by the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) … These determinations are made to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians, and are based on several factors including the offset of the sign from the edge of the road and the speed limit of the area,” Mr Luxford said.

“As it is a Mitchell Shire Council project, the cost of the barrier was included in council’s contribution to the project.”

In a media release addressing the new installations, council said that the signs symbolised the town ‘stepping into the future’ while acknowledging its historic nature as Victoria’s oldest inland town.

“The project introduces two large 3D ‘Kilmore’ signs, perched upon rustic steel plinths that now stand sentinel at the town’s entrances,” said council.

“This initiative is a cornerstone of the broader effort to rejuvenate Kilmore’s public space, aiming to strengthen the community’s identity and the lasting impression it leaves on visitors.

“The transformation from the existing, modest wooden signs to larger, more impactful ones is a direct response to the community’s desire for a more welcoming and visually striking entrance to Kilmore. In a nod to Kilmore’s storied past, the signage design incorporates cursive hand lettering reminiscent of the Victorian era, marrying the town’s historical essence with modern times.”

Mitchell Shire Mayor Councillor Louise Bannister said she was pleased to see the community’s vision come to life.

“Mitchell Shire Council extends its heartfelt thanks to every resident who contributed their voice to this project,” Cr Bannister said.

“Your insights have been instrumental in shaping an entrance that truly reflects the spirit and values of the community.”

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