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Ray Carroll’s ‘From the Boundary’: April 30, 2024

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The fight for real Australia

The young lady looks across the farm fields of idyllic splendour. It is a peaceful scene in mid-west New South Wales. Australia is a diverse and multicultural nation and maybe the most successful of all in providing opportunity and prospects for all people. Mainstream Australians are fiercely proud of their wide, brown land and its freedoms – defended by hundreds of thousands of our young countrymen – thousands of whom sacrificed their lives in the wars of the 20th century. Sadly there is a noisy minority in our great country who seek to divide and destroy our history. They must not be allowed to prevail. Western nations are sleepwalking towards an abyss.

Weak leaders and virtue signalling captains of industry are aiding and abetting vocal and destructive minority groups of activists and anarchists across the globe, who are hell bent on smashing law and order.

Propagandists in the media are, in too many cases, on the side of the disrupters who have views only acceptable to themselves. An alternative is totally unacceptable.

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Protests are part of democracy and have been for centuries, in contrast to the totalitarian communist regimes who do not tolerate dissent.

Many of the genuine protestors making a stand against the shocking death of American Geroge Floyd have been dismayed and angered that hundreds of thousands of activists have latched on to their sincere protest to push other agendas.

It spread to Australia and we’ve seen violence break out and police attacked and reviled with gutter-language insults.

The men and women of our police force do a magnificent job in ever increasing difficult circumstances.

Day after day, so many of them put their lives on the line. Police and law enforcement officials do a wonderful job.

It’s incredible the amount of hate and bile spewed out via social media. These people have no decency, no respect, or moral compass and many seem to be anti-Australian.

Mainstream Aussies, probably well beyond 90 per cent of the population, far too often get abused by the anarchists, from progressive media elites and even some in the political landscape.

Ordinary people of this nation are wondering when people in power will start to call out the minority who show such hatred towards the country that provides them with freedom and possibly the best environment and living standards in the world.

The destruction of statues now occurring in the west puts the perpetrators on a level with the barbarians of the Taliban and ISIS. They destroy monuments and history.

A really noble teacher was South African Nelson Mandela. He was incarcerated by the white apartheid regime for 26 years.

But incredibly he displayed remarkable forgiveness when he became president of his nation.

Asked why he insisted the portraits of all the white former PM’s remain in the halls of parliament, he started: “They must stay, they were people of their times and part of South African history, no matter how unpleasant the memories were. Also, as a nation, if we don’t know where we come from, we won’t know where we are going.” I wish there was a Mandela or two in the world’s corridors of power today.

In conclusion, if anyone wanted to read George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ or his 1949 book titled ‘1984’, they will find a chilling prophecy of what might lie ahead.


A true champion

Pride of Jenni, the star of former ACK student Tony Ottobre’s stable is here pictured at the group 1 race at Randwick. ‘Jenni’ has had a brilliant rein of success in the past few months to thrill Tony and his wife, Lynn. Named after their beautiful daughter Jenni, who lost her tough cancer battle shortly after her wedding, the success story could not come to a finer couple.

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