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Well above par at Kilmore Golf Club

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Kilmore Golf Club (KGC) has obtained funding from The Australian Golf Foundation (AGF) to support young girls nine to 16 years to pursue their golf.

The program aims to introduce young girls to golf or retain their participation in golf by giving them a shared golf experience with others of a similar age. There are five girls participating in this program at Kilmore Golf Club and they wear their AGF cap and yellow golf shirt, showing that they are part of this program.

The girls receive 24 coaching sessions in total for the year, eight sessions per term during 2024. On Saturday March 23 they completed the Term one program and proudly stood for a group photo before the session.

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Coaching sessions are run by the KGC nominated coach Helen Dennett on Saturdays at Kilmore Golf Club in Anderson Street Kilmore. Participants receive a one-year junior club membership that carries playing rights, to encourage the girls to participate in club competitions and obtain a handicap.

“The scholarship holders are very motivated to learn and the KGC members certainly encourage them to play at other times, not just during the coaching sessions”. She added

“There is of course great support and encouragement from their parents who bring them along to these coaching sessions,” Ms Dennett said.

During the sessions, they learn all of the key golf strokes – how to drive the golf ball from the tee, fairway drives, how to chip onto the green and of course putting into the hole. Of course, importantly the girls also learn the rules and etiquette of golf, enabling them to play with all ages in social and club competitions.

The scholarship program is part of a national campaign to get more girls playing golf. Participants need to display a desire and willingness to improve their golf skills, obtain a handicap, play in club competitions (or at least social play) and engage in any extracurricular activity that fosters friendships between scholarship holders.

For further information or to register your interest for the future, please contact Bea Lay 0437 712 973 or Helen Dennett 0407 542 949. Alternatively, leave your name, email and phone number on email or call 5782 1123.

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