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Rattling good result for Good Friday

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Once again local support for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday appeal has garnered significant support from communities throughout the district with the driving force traditionally coming from local CFA brigades.

District towns contributed a record $175,814 with the CFA adding a further $55,6790 to the state-wide record of $23,368,724. And for the first time funds from the appeal will be directed to six regional hubs to provide urgent care to country children.

Leading up to Good Friday, Kilmore CFA member Garry Callinan said the day had historically gone well with many enthusiastic volunteers.

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 “A lot of people are keen and eager, it’s certainly a lot of walking. I think because of the nature of the cause, everybody is keen and willing to put in,” Mr Callinan said.

And put in they did. Local support played a crucial role in helping the hospital provide the best possible treatment and support for young patients and their families.

Broadford resident, Taryn Kneebone, has been volunteering in the appeal phone room for 15 years.

“Its great to be on the front line and see how the community gets behind the appeal each year. A growing number of people are taking the online option to donate and I think this has helped donations grow over the years,” Ms Kneebone said.

Community involvement in events and fundraising efforts on Good Friday demonstrated a collective commitment to the well-being of children and highlights the power of solidarity in making a positive impact.

 Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, each contribution helps make a difference in the lives of children facing health challenges.

One volunteer said that it was heartwarming to see communities rally around such important causes, and the support for the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal on Good Friday is undoubtedly making a meaningful difference in the lives of many families.

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