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Torching concern over lit cars in Clonbinane

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Members of the Clonbinane community are concerned over the number of cars that have been set alight in the area.

Of real concern is that in the latest incident a vehicle was torched in dry grass on the corner of Spur and Leviathan Roads on a day of total fire ban.

The car in question was stolen from Craigieburn in the early hours of February 20. Ten minutes later it was used in a petrol theft at the Craigieburn BP service station.

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It is not known if the car was involved in other incidents between the theft and when it was set alight.

A dry thunderstorm was occurring at the time and residents believe that this may have muffled the sound of the car exploding into flames close to residential properties.

The owner of the car, Holly Kealy, was naturally distraught over the theft of her vehicle and the loss that extended well beyond the car.

“This was my car and it was stolen from my home and burnt with all my sons stuff,” Ms Kealy said.

Residents say that stolen cars being torched are a common occurrence these days and Clonbinane, along with other local areas, has been previously used on a number of occasions.

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