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Strength in the district’s Catholic primary education

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The district is well catered for when it comes to Catholic education, the schools featured provide new insights and a powerful vision for the future.

St Mary’s Lancefield and Romsey provides a learning environment to suit the needs of all the children in each space.

The school’s classroom structure is multiage by design from Years One to Six to ensure teachers target a wider range of abilities and levels utilising a number of different staff rather than just one. Prep students enjoy the best of both worlds, starting off their school experience with peers of their own age to assist in developing social and communications skills and to help foster a feeling of a safe and nurturing environment. They prepare for the future flexible learning experience by merging with our Year One/Two for different curriculum areas and working with Year Five in a specialised ‘Buddies’ program.

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Our Lady of the Way Catholic Primary School in Wallan promotes a contemporary approach to learning and teaching which cultivates rich and authentic learning experiences.

The curriculum has been developed to provide an excellent student-centred holistic education. One that engages them in authentic, purposeful learning; and incorporating the Victorian Curriculum, standards and priorities.

The school has a learning environment that incorporates an innovative, professional and dedicated teaching culture with high expectations of student learning outcomes. The school adopts a structured approach to curriculum planning that ensures a shared vision with the school on curriculum development, common documentation and common understanding of the whole school curriculum by teachers.

Underpinning all that is covered in the curriculum is a strong belief that spiritual development is of paramount importance. Religious Education, Faith and Mission have a special place in the curriculum at Our Lady of the Way as they reflect our unique character and focus as a Catholic school.

In Kilmore St Patrick’s is an inclusive Catholic primary school that welcomes families from all faith backgrounds. The school prides itself on enrolling the “whole family” and building strong family-school partnerships between each family and the school to ensure that every child flourishes.

St Patrick’s is a member school of Marist Schools Australia, alongside its sister school, Assumption College and is a feeder school to Assumption College, provide ongoing connections and transitions between the schools.

Diversity encompasses all learners across cultural, academic, social emotional and physical attributes noting these are not mutually exclusive. ‘Learning diversity’ refers to the infinite variety of life experiences and attributes a child brings to their formal learning at school.

Educators seek to meet the needs of all learners, so that every student experiences success. It is the understanding that all students should be fully active members of their school community and that all professionals in a school share responsibility for their learning. Cultural and indigenous immersions and perspectives also see our students build on creating a more harmonious world that teaches them to be compassionate and understanding towards others.

Teachers at these schools believe it is essential that every child confidently develops literacy and numeracy skills and strategies to actively participate in our ever changing world.

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