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Cat’s journey sparks microchip reminder

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Carol Peterson is urging fellow pet owners to prioritise microchipping with up to date details after her ragdoll cat Jock was discovered in Beveridge nearly 100 kilometres from his home.

Jock went missing September 30, 2023 from Carrum Beach with Carol and Jock set to move to Queensland two weeks after his disappearance.

Ms Peterson said she flooded social media, put up posters and walked around local neighbourhoods yelling his name at all hours.

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“Everything was in motion for the move to Queensland, I was devastated but I had to go,” she said.

“Jock’s microchip was my only hope that I would ever see him again.”

Almost four months after Jock disappeared Ms Peterson received a call from Mitchell Shire Council’s Local Laws team informing her he had been found in Beveridge.

Mitchell Shire mayor Louise Bannister said the reunion highlighted the importance of pet microchipping in safeguarding beloved animals and ensuring safe returns.

“Council is committed to promoting the welfare of pets and encouraging responsible ownership practices,” she said.

Council pet registration renewals are due by April 10 each year for animals over three months of age.

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