Nature strip gardens now allowed in City of Whittlesea

City of Whittlesea is encouraging residents to explore the new Nature Strip Garden Guidelines. ​

THE CITY of Whittlesea’s new Nature Strip Garden Guidelines will allow residents to explore options for creating sustainable nature strip gardens.

Under the guidelines – which outline what modifications can be made to nature strips while ensuring clear pathways for movement – residents can apply to plant edible crops in removable planter boxes, providing opportunity to grow their own produce, as well as adding plants and shrubs up to height of 90 centimetres. 

The changes will provide more variety of plants, helping to create vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods.

Chair administrator Lydia Wilson encouraged residents to explore the new guidelines and learn how to modify the nature strip adjacent to their properties. 

“At the City of Whittlesea, we are committed to creating spaces that not only contribute to our beautiful city but also enrich our lives,” she said.

“These new guidelines reflect our community’s desire to shape the look and feel of their surroundings, while highlighting our commitment to sustainability and safety.”

Ms Wilson said the guidelines would help add to the appeal of the neighbourhoods and offered opportunities for people to connect with neighbours over urban gardening.

“We thank the community for their input in developing the guidelines. We’re excited to see the changes our residents will make to nature strips and the benefits these will bring to our community,” she said.

The guidelines also limit the use of materials that can have a detrimental environmental impact, such as artificial turf, granitic sand or crushed rock.

Residents can find more information or apply for a permit to modify the nature strip adjacent to their property at