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Life-saving donation for Kilmore Men’s Shed

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Jordyn Grubisic
Jordyn Grubisic
Jordyn Grubisic is a senior journalist for the North Central Review primarily covering politics at all levels and sport with a particular interest in basketball. Since 2019 she has worked for several publications across Victoria including most recently at the Alexandra Standard and Yea Chronicle. She is always keen to hear from local community members about issues they face and has an interest in crime and court reporting.

Kilmore Men’s Shed was presented with a defibrillator from the Trustees of Kilmore Racecourse and Recreation Reserve.

Kilmore Men’s Shed is a non-profit organisation giving men a place to meet for their health and wellbeing and reducing isolation by coming together to talk, work on projects such as woodworking or 3D printing, or growing plants in the garden among other ventures.

A defibrillator costs upwards of $1295 and is a lifesaving device applying an electric charge or current to restore a normal heartbeat and can be used on people needing life-saving treatment.

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Each year more than 30,000 people suffers a cardiac arrest and if it happens outside a hospital the chances of surviving are less than one in 10 – giving the person cardiopulmonary resuscitation, CPR, using an automated emergency defibrillator can greatly increase the chances of survival.

Kilmore Men’s Shed president Paul Harvey said the trustees were ‘very generous’ for giving the men’s shed a defibrillator.

“We’re a men’s shed and we’re very old. Most of us are getting up in the ages so a defibrillator is really handy for us,” he said.

“We have had one bloke collapse of a heart attack so it’s ideal to have one.

“We get 40 or 50 people each time we’re here so there’s every chance we might need it one time and if you haven’t got it, you’re in trouble.”

Trustees chair Max Perry said the men’s shed members gave so much to the trustees it was only right to help them out.

“The trustees just feel so indebted to the men’s shed for the work that they’ve done and the hours they’ve put in for building the arbour and the seats, for [their work, all over at the walking trail, the repair for our mower and things like that. It’s just invaluable to us,” he said.

“It’s a scratch our back and we scratch yours situation because the work that the boys put in here is so valuable and it also gives them something to do and a project that has become a joint venture.”

Some of the projects the men’s shed have completed for the reserve include building five seats for the walking trail.

Outside of reserve, the men’s shed have also rebuilt bicycles donated to Love in Action, built street library nooks and 25 counting frames for a primary school.

Kilmore District Men’s Shed meet on Tuesday and Thursday, from 8.30am to 1pm. More information is available on their website or by calling 0481 268 471.

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