Tallarook residents and visitors to the area can look forward to getting cash back for their recyclable containers, with Tallarook Hotel set to implement an over-the-counter refund point.

The State Government’s new container deposit scheme, CDS Vic, is set to roll out across the state from November 1, hoping to better the state’s waste system and support a cleaner environment.

The scheme will implement reverse vending machines, depots, over-the-counter sites, and pop-ups for people to return their eligible containers.

A 10-cent refund will be given for every uncrushed, intact container returned through the scheme.

CDS Network Operator Visy is required to implement a minimum of one collection point per 14,500 people in metropolitan areas, at least one per town of 750 people in regional areas, and at least one per town of 350 people in remote areas.

Tallarook Hotel is set to become one of the over-the-counter refund points.

Hotel owner Tim Sutherland explained that when the scheme becomes operational, he and staff would sort containers deposited into correct bins, which would then be collected to be recycled into new products.

Upon deposit, people can nominate if they would like to receive cash back for their containers or instead donate their refunds to not-for-profit groups, sporting clubs and community groups that have registered as donation partners.

Mr Sutherland was excited to support Avenel and Tallarook cricket clubs and Mitchell Rangers Soccer Club, who have already registered as donation partners.

Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes visited Tallarook Hotel earlier this month to talk with Mr Sutherland and Visy CDS representatives about the new scheme.

“This is a great opportunity to help clean up our environment while helping sporting clubs, community groups and schools across northern Victoria to raise valuable funds through collection drives and donations,” she said.

Visy CDS representative Jack Blyth said the scheme would take products out of landfill and eliminate the need for transport to sorting facilities.

“Over-the-counter refund points at existing businesses and charities will be a convenient way for the community to access the scheme,” he said.

Mr Blyth encouraged clubs in the area to collect containers from events and canteen sales as a new source of fundraising.

Tallarook Hotel will accept scheduled bulk deliveries on Mondays or Tuesdays when the venue is closed.

“Not-for-profit groups, local sporting clubs and community groups can fundraise through the scheme by registering as a donation partner, collecting their own containers or running donation drives in their communities. It’s a great fundraising opportunity for local community groups,” Mr Blyth said.

Acceptable containers include non-concentrated fruit or vegetable juice containers, flavoured milk bottles, beer cans, soft drink cans and mixed spirits.

An app for the scheme, which will house transactions and scheme IDs for donation partners, is in the late stages of development.

People interested in becoming a CDS Vic refund point operators can visit visy.com.au/about-cds to find out more.

Featured image: Tallarook Hotel is set to open an over-the-counter refund point for recyclables through the Container Deposit Scheme, CDS, giving participants cash back for their containers.