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Pink potholes pique interest in Kilmore

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Jordyn Grubisic
Jordyn Grubisic
Jordyn Grubisic is a senior journalist for the North Central Review primarily covering politics at all levels and sport with a particular interest in basketball. Since 2019 she has worked for several publications across Victoria including most recently at the Alexandra Standard and Yea Chronicle. She is always keen to hear from local community members about issues they face and has an interest in crime and court reporting.

Users of Sydney Street, Kilmore were treated to street art with a purpose on July 14 as a concerned resident used bright pink paint to warn road users of the many potholes.

The resident, who preferred to remain anonymous, said he painted only a quarter of the potholes he intended to circle before running out of the fluorescent pink paint.

“I just had enough. I went down their with spray cans [Friday] and started doing it,” he said.

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“I marked a few of the bigger holes in the road and in doing that I’ve had seven people either wind down their windows or clap for me when I’ve been crossing the road.

“I’ve been knicking in and out of traffic to do it. I didn’t use witches hats or anything I didn’t want to draw that much attention to myself.”

The painter said both he and his wife had cars damaged after hitting the potholes.

“I actually hit a pothole in my car and got a buckle on my rim from hitting it. I rang [Mitchell Shire] council to see whose going to pay for it – my rims are $1200,” he said.

“I rang Mitchell Shire and basically they said they can’t help me as it’s out of their department. It’s dealt with by another mob not the council.

“They said I would have to go onto this government site because that’s who owns the roads and with that you’ll be able to claim some compensation.

“I might be a little bit oversensitive because they’re brand new rims and they’re not cheap but my wife has also been hitting them all the time.

“I thought it’s just going to be ongoing particularly with council handballing it and that’s the part that really got me.”

Sydney Street, also the Northern Highway, falls under the responsibility of Regional Roads Victoria – a State Government department.

Motorists showed their support to the man with frequent thumbs up, beeping of horns and chatting to him about the issue when possible.

“Everyone was asking me if I’m employed by the council and I felt like saying ‘no – what do you see me leaning on a shovel or something do ya?’,” he said.

“I told all the people I spoke to [Friday] to ring Mitchell Shire and they all gave me the thumbs up.”

Regional Director for Hume from the Department of Transport and Planning Steve Bowmaker said the road had been repaired recently.

“We’ve recently undertaken repair works along Sydney Street, Kilmore and have further maintenance works planned for this stretch of road,” he said.

“We monitor and inspect all roads across our network as part of our commitment to providing safe journeys for all road users.”

The Department of Transport and Planning reported Sydney Street, Kilmore has had 20 hazardous potholes repaired since April with further works planned prioritised based upon potential risk to the community.

To report damage on roads or potholes contact the Department of Transport’s customer service hotline on 13 11 70.

Drivers who believe their vehicles have suffered damage due to the condition of the road or road infrastructure can claim for damages subject to conditions.

Applications for compensation can be made at

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  1. Elsewhere in Victoria motorists drive on the left of the road. In Mitchell Shire we drive on WHAT’S LEFT of the road.

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