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New Wallan kindergarten site

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A KINDERGARTEN site will be placed at Wallan Secondary College as part of the State Government’s $14 billion Best Start, Best Life reform.

The State Government will deliver 12 new or expanded kindergarten sites in early 2025, including at a yet-to-be-built Wollert Central Primary School.

Mitchell Shire Council will collaborate with the Victorian School Building Authority, VSBA, and the Department of Education, DET, on the new Wallan kinder.

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Wallan and Wallan East has three kindergartens operating under Mitchell Shire Council, with eight more in surrounding towns up to Seymour.

Mitchell Shire Council chief executive Brett Luxford said the new build would accommodate the significant growth and increased demand for early education.

“This approach improves accessibility to kindergarten programs, streamlines drop-off procedures, and facilitates smoother transitions for children from kindergarten to school,” he said.

“It reduces commute times, support local businesses, and ensures regulatory compliance.”

Mr Luxford said building new early childhood education facilities was a ‘long-term’ investment in the community’s future.

“Children who receive a strong early education are more likely to perform better academically and have improved social and cognitive skills, leading to positive community outcomes,” he said.

“Having kindergarten facilities on school grounds enhances accessibility and ensures a convenient experience for children and their families.”

The design and development of the kindergarten, including selecting a name, will be a collaborative effort involving Wallan Secondary College, the VBSA and the DET.

Mr Luxford said the new kindergaten site would support better relationships between early and older peers in their education.

“The co-location of kindergarten with other grade levels fosters integration and collaboration, encouraging positive relationships between students of different ages and allowing older students to serve as mentors for their younger peers,” he said.

“It also eases the transition to higher grade levels by familiarising children with the school environment from an early age.”

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