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Community grants dedicated to Wollert services

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Wollert services and schools are recipients of this year’s Cedar Woods Community Grants program – an initiative that helps groups, organisations, and small businesses to develop.

Now in its 15th year, the Cedar Wood Community Grants program have selected eight recipients to share in funding to further the development and success of the City of Whittlesea and City of Wyndham.

In the City of Whittlesea, Wollert Fire Brigade, Wollert Primary School, and Wollert Secondary College were selected.

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Wollert Fire Brigade is a volunteer-run Country Fire Authority, CFA, brigade that has serviced Wollert and the neighbouring communities continuously since 1942.

The brigade currently attends about 200 emergency calls each year, but as the population continues to grow, the number is expected to significantly increase.

Wollert CFA treasurer Stuart McCombe said the grants would enable the CFA to continue servicing the rapidly growing population.

“This grant will help us fund our upcoming fire station infrastructure improvements, including the installation of fire hose drying tower and connection of our large rainwater storage tanks to a pump,” he said.

“This connection will allow us to fill our fire trucks onsite instead of travelling into developed areas to access mains water hydrants.

“We will also use this grant to further promote fire safety and volunteerism with the CFA in Wollert and the surrounding areas, working together to create a prepared community that is ready to face any challenges that arise.”

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