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Ray Carroll’s ‘From the Boundary’: May 30, 2023

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Ray Carroll
Ray Carroll
Ray Carroll is the author of the Review's longest running segment, 'From the Boundary'. A retired coach from Assumption College Kilmore, Ray writes passionately about social affairs within the community, giving the much-loved editorial space over to much-loved current and ex-locals.

The great survivor

Neale Daniher is a marvel.

He has survived his motor neurone disease, MND, diagnosis for just on 10 years and is still carrying on the fight to raise awareness and funds to combat the scourge.

Supported by wife Jan and his wonderful family, Neale battles on against the odds, ever smiling.

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I had the good fortune to meet Neale’s parents several times when he was a boarder at Assumption College Kilmore, ACK, and over the years beyond.

Jim, deceased, and Edna impressed as great people of faith, hardworking, generous of spirit and products of the real Australia.

Their farm in the northern Riverina could have come straight from Mary Grant Bruce’s timeless Billabong books.

Easy to see where Neale’s strength of character came from.

The upcoming episode of the Big Freeze at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, MCG, will be another success.

Netball star

Bridget Tait was a star netballer at ACK 20 years ago.

A popular boarder from Yarrawonga, she also coached many of the younger girls at college.

She has been dominant in the sport in the Ovens and Murray region since schooldays and has been recognised as a legend, awarded life memberships of the league.

Married with two young children, Bridget told me she loved her ACK years and the opportunities provided.


One of my nieces, Jody, a nurse and flight steward, has just returned from a holiday in Vietnam with husband Mark, a physiotherapist.

They found the people ‘beautiful’, so friendly and kind. In both towns and rural areas, they experienced life like it used to be in Victoria.

Jody said the poorer people were ever smiling and very welcoming.


Peter Briffa who passed away recently after a tough health battle will be remembered by many in the area for his smash repair business where he built a sound reputation for service, which his daughter faithfully preserved.


Thanks to Kilmore resident John Harrington who has provided valued assistance to many people over time.

A sincere and genuine person, John always finds time to help others. He is a truly caring person.

RIP Jim Smith

Jim Smith was farewelled from this life by family, friends, and newspaper people at Kilmore’s Anglican Christ Church last Wednesday.

Jim was a newspaper-man through and through and had a long association as owner-editor of The Free Press.

He was a good ‘journo’ and loved his life’s work.

He and his late wife Lois raised a fine family.

Jim and other legendary Free Press figures such as Bill West and Greg Hanson were very helpful to me, as is current Review editor Lauren Duffy – over the years that I have written ‘From The Boundary’.

Vale Ian Still

The name still echoes down the generations in Kilmore with high regard and respect.

The latest of the line to pass from this life, solicitor Ian Still will be sadly missed by family, friends and many in the wider community.

Sons David and Geoff attended ACK and made fine contributions to the life and times of the college.

Both represented the First XVIII and their dad – a keen footy fan – was ever present at games.

To the ‘boys’, their sister Debbie and all the family, sincere condolences.

ACK unbeaten

Assumption defeated Marcellin by nine points in a hard-fought clash before a large crowd on Friday.

Final scores were 8.11 (59) to 7.8 (50).

A brief period early in the final term saw the Blues kick three quick goals. This was the critical phase of the game.

It was an entertaining clash with both sides desperate for victory.

Among the spectators was Simon O’Donnell. Memories must have come back to him as he looked out on the field where for three summers and winters, four decades ago, he strode the turf like a young colossus.

I was pleased to catch up one evening last week with ACK First XVII coach Steve Belos. He knows his footy and is enjoying the team’s early success.

A well-played 80

A vital role is played by general practitioners, GPs, right across Australia, and a Kilmore practitioner is right up there with the best of them.

Dr Suresh Jain has just celebrated his 80th birthday with wife Jeanette and family.

Fifteen were present at Marnong Estate in Mickleham for the happy occasion.

Four children, three spouses and six grandchildren enjoyed celebrating the milestone.

Dr Jain has been in Kilmore since 1974.

His name in the area is a byword for his dedicated work as a GP, and his skill as a very fine surgeon.

In his time as well, he has delivered countless babies.

For four decades, he was an early morning five days a week presence at Assumption College to tend to boarder-student ailments.

Dr Jain ranks with area medico greats such as Gweneth Wisewould and Dr Francis as longtime area GPs.

Dr Francis was well-known for many years for his fine work in the area. He practiced in Romsey.

Dr Wisewould’s story was chronicled in the book ‘Doctor on the divide’.

She often rode on horseback to tend to folk in the Macedon Ranges.

Dr Jain, after coming to this country from India, worked in Hobart and Ballarat. He met Jeanette, a nurse at Edenhope Hospital.

The couple raised four fine children, three daughters and a son.

The girls were splendid contributors to the life and times of ACK.

Son, Raj attended The Kilmore International School and Scotch College.

All were very good swimmers, representing their school and Kilmore Swimming Club.

Suresh and Jeanette have been valued Rotary Club members for a long period of time, and have also played pivotal roles in Kilmore’s Art Expo.

Both are knowledgeable on current and world affairs and Dr Jain is keen on cricket – no surprise given his country of birth.

Kilmore and the area have been fortunate to have the longtime services of the likes of Suresh Jain, Tony DeSousa, Denis Holland, John Griffiths, Janice Crowl and more.

As the towns of Kilmore, Wallan and Broadford have rapidly grown, there have been quite a few welcome additions to the GP fraternity.

For the moment it’s ‘well played’ to Dr Jain – a fine innings with more to come.

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