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Children’s book series a breakthrough for financial literacy

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MITCHELL Shire author Sara Czerny is excited to help teach children practical money skills through the launch of a new book series.

The series, titled ‘Strewth Possum!’ is aimed at children between the ages of three and seven and offers parents a chance to impart simple and easy-to-learn lessons.

Ms Czerny, who will officially launch the series in Upper Plenty on Sunday, said financial literacy was an important but often overlooked aspect of childhood learning.

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“It all started last year when interest rates started to rise as well as the cost of everyday household items,” she said.

“With little kids of my own, I couldn’t help but think about the cost of living they would face when they were older, so I wanted to get on the front foot and start gently educating them about money so they were better prepared later on.

“I spoke to my toddler’s day care to see if they taught anything about financial literacy, discovering that this was an area yet to be focused on.

“So I organised a walk to raise funds for early childhood financial literacy, where I supplied ten day cares in the shire with a donated set of four books by a British author on the topic. Not being able to find any books from Australian authors, I decided to write my own series.”

Ms Czerny said Mandalay Early Learning Centre supported her idea for the Strewth Possum! series, dedicating a week to focusing on financial literacy using the books.

“We are proud to support a local mum,” Mandalay Early Learning Centre manager Katie Ethemi said.

“We hope that our financial week will provide the children attending our day care with activities and experiences that will help them to develop lifelong practical money skills.”

The first book in the Strewth Possum! series is titled ‘Hunting for Specials’ and follows the adventure of Cooper and his mother as they go grocery shopping, saving money by purchasing items at special prices.

The second book in the series ‘Secondhand Adventures’ explores the benefits of buying secondhand.

The official book launch of Strewth Possum! will be at The Shack in Upper Plenty on Sunday from 11am to 2pm.

People can purchase books in the series at

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