Works at Butlers Road, Kilmore began late last year.

By Grace Frost

INVESTIGATIONS into alleged permit breaches at a development near the Kilmore Cemetery have determined no breaches of planning permit conditions or offences occurred.

Mitchell Shire Council began investigating the development at the corner of Kilmore-Lancefield Road and Butlers Road, set to become the new Parkview Estate, after Kilmore residents raised concerns for the safety of wildlife at the site.

Mitchell Shire chief executive Brett Luxford said the investigation determined there were no breaches of planning permit conditions at the site.

“Mitchell Shire Council’s planning investigations team have thoroughly investigated the matter and have determined there were no breaches of the planning permit conditions,” he said.

“Regarding vegetation removal and the impact on wildlife, council has notified the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.”

Conservation regulator authorised officers from the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, DEECA, formerly known as the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning inspected the Kilmore property in November last year.

A conservation regulator spokesperson said the investigations determined no offences had occurred.

“We want to thank the local Kilmore community for their concerns about potential impacts on wildlife habitat at the development site,” the spokesperson said.

“After inspecting the property, authorised officers have determined that no offences occurred.”

Allequip Construction director Martin Cornfoot said his team knew throughout the process they had followed the necessary requirements of both the Mitchell Shire Council and DEECA, and were within their rights to complete the work that was permitted to take place.

“We had the unfortunate situation where certain members of the public took it upon themselves to enter the property and spread vicious rumours throughout the community that we work in and have lived in our whole lives,” he said.

“We look forward to completing the first stage of the Parkview Estate in the next few months and the community seeing what an asset this area is going to be.

“We would hope in the future that people think of the risks not only to themselves but to others before they enter an active worksite and that they gather the facts prior to forming opinions and spreading vicious rumours.

Mr Cornfoot said the situation had caused harm to his family-owned business.

“My family and staff have been subjected to abuse both online and in person which is unacceptable,” he said.

Wildlife rescuer Mary-Anne Johnson, who tended to injured wildlife at the site last year, said she still hoped council would review its planning and permit conditions to provide greater consideration for wildlife, including instilling a requirement for a qualified arborist to be present at development sites.


  1. People need to get a grip on reality, even when it’s been investigated they are still throwing around claims that it was done under the table. It’s laughable. Sit down and stop trying to run a business into the ground while pretending that no trees were harmed in the subdivision of land and building of your own houses.

  2. Ripping trees out and putting them directly on fire… Hahaha what a joke. No escape for any wildlife what so ever. You brought this on yourself Cornfoot.

    • Have a think about a Glenn the birds an other wildlife would have been a long gone before they lit them on fire. Maybe move to Merri-bek shire with the rest of the woke! Leave the people that help build this nice shire alone.

    • The wildlife in the tree would have flown away well before the fire hurt them. Think about it before you run your mouth. And badmouth hard-working people that help build the shire.

  3. Delivers money to council,development/developer’s don’t care of Animals.
    Their building to make money here.
    Sad but true..

    • And building houses for families and to support their families. I bet you have a job a family and live in a house. TRUE!!

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