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Combined Probus Club of Whittlesea welcomes new committee

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THE Combined Probus Club of Whittlesea will welcome the forthcoming 12 months with a blend of experience and enthusiasm following appointments at its annual general meeting.

The meeting, at Whittlesea Bowls Club on March 6, welcomed new members Denise Inglis, Sue and Gen Giri, and the attendance of five visitors that reflected the hard work of the management committee under 2022 president Alessandra Testa.

Before the election, a eulogy and a minute’s silence were held for member Marg Hale who recently died.

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Keith Miller was named the new president, Cheryl Manicolo will add vice president to her secretarial duties, and the past president Alessandra Testa will take over as treasurer from Roma Harris, who will continue in another role.

Other people to take on roles were Sue Giri, welfare; Sandra Hocking, newsletter; Bev Horan, meet and greet; Kaylene Mckay, hospitality; and Glenda Vincent, membership.

Several members will take part in a progressive dinner before the April meeting, which will most likely discuss the election results.

Gardeners unite

Propagating and pruning is the focus at a The Combined Probus Club of Whittlesea meeting, where members join with Whittlesea Community Garden, WGC, to visit citizen’s gardens on the first Wednesday of each month.

Organised through volunteers Keith and Bev ‘BJ’ Sutton, the couple find a garden for members to visit.

Last month 20 gardeners learnt about propagating and pruning.

Combined Probus Club publicity officer Michael Halley said the visits were an example of great volunteering.

“Keith and Bev [BJ] Sutton are the driving force behind the WGC … this couple are true examples of how volunteering brings results and satisfaction,” he said.

“The garden visit was to Doreen where an associate of some members welcomed the visitors to a unique landside garden.”

After residents formed a Twist Walk Residents Group to manage the Twist Walk, which borders Ivanhoe Grammar’s Plenty Campus, Mr Halley said more than 80 natives were planted within the area.

Volunteeers spents many hours watering during drought years, and council support.

“A resident, who has an illness which cannot tolerate chemicals, approached council to ensure no weeds were being sprayed along Twist Walk,” he said.

“After much discussion, permission was given to weed and care for the area along with other interested residents who loosely formed Twist Walk Residents Group.

“The Whittlesea visitors were awestruck to see what had been achieved. The nomenclature of the different plants both botanical and everyday was a popular topic.”

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