Preps and teachers at St Mary’s Primary School in Lancefield ready for the first day of school. ​

Prep students across the region have settled into their classrooms, learning activities and procedures on their first day to prepare for their first year of schooling.

Pyalong Primary School enrolled 12 prep students for the year ahead.

Principal Jessica Bowen-Duarte said the number of students enrolled was ‘positive’ for Pyalong.

“Previously we were quite low, we’re growing each year, which is really positive, so any number of attendees is really great,” she said.

Ms Bowen-Duarte said prep students were ready to get started with introductory activities and a buddy system on Monday last week.

“I’ve been in and out of the classroom, and today we’ve been doing a lot of getting to know you activities and fun things together,” she said.

“They’ve done a buddy system … older students in the grade six area and then a student from the middle school so they’ve done some buddy activities.

“What we really want for them is to feel really happy at school because we know that when the kids are happy they learn really well.”

St Mary’s Primary School in Lancefield filled two classrooms with 18 students who were excited to start on Tuesday last week.

Prep teacher Chris Zarb said the students participated in a range of activities and classroom routines to set up for the year ahead.

“It’s a lot of going over procedures … and throwing in a bit of fun just to make sure they have a really happy day, and they feel settled,” she said.

Ms Zarb said the school was set on teaching the preps important values surrounding kindness and respect.

“We’re really focused on teaching kindness … and that we look after each other,” she said.