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O’Gradys Road oil drums still abandoned

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The three dumped 44-gallon drums full of sump oil and rubbish along O’Gradys Road at Kilmore East will be removed safely through V\Line.

V\Line, who holds responsibility for rail safety and land adjoining rail lines, was recently made aware of the offence, and advised people to not enter the reserve without authorisation.

The Review reported on the dumping of the drums in September.

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“We thank the members of the community who alerted us to the rubbish dumped in Kilmore East and will remove it when it is safe to do so,” a V/Line spokesperson said.

“Dumping debris in the rail reserve is a criminal offence and poses a threat to the safe operation of trains.”

The spokesperson said dumped oil alongside the track, like O’Gradys Road, should be reported to Victoria Police.

“Rail safety is a shared responsibility, and we ask anyone who witnesses trespassers and other illegal activity near train tracks to inform Victoria Police immediately,” the spokesperson said.

Wandong resident Robert Neil, who voiced his concerns for the past few months to Mitchell Shire Council and Environment Protection Authority Victoria, EPA, said he was unaware that V/Line was responsible for the removal.

Mr Neil said someone still must be held accountable.

“It’s still in the Mitchell Shire, and the Mitchell Shire Council should have been pushing the railways to get it removed,” he said.

Mr Neil said the three drums had been sitting alongside O’Gradys Road since July, and there were now two left as one drum had been emptied and disappeared.

“It’s been reported that there’s more fish being in the creek than ever before, and now we’ve got all this oil going in the creek,” he said.

Mr Neil said he was concerned for the upcoming bushfire season.

“I’d like to be able to take my grandson for a walk along the creek, and show him the birds, the ducks, the tortoises, and obviously the oil going in there, it’s killing the environment,” he said.

“Now with the upcoming fire season with grass so high, you got 44-gallon drums of oil laying in the grass.”

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