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Colmont School could reopen in 2023: administrators

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ADMINISTRATORS acting for Colmont School, formerly known as The Kilmore International School, have flagged a possibility of the school being reinstated after its sudden collapse in August.

A letter from Colmont administrator Rachel Burdett, a member of business advisory firm Cor Cordis, to school creditors yesterday flagged the possibility the school could be reinstated by the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority, VRQA, ahead of next year.

The VRQA deregistered Colmont earlier this year after the school went into administration with an estimated $6 million dollars of debt.

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Previous administrators Vince and Associates, who were removed by school creditors in favour of Cor Cordis, insisted there had been no serious approaches from parties interested in saving the school.

Ms Burdett said Cor Cordis had ‘significantly progressed matters with an interested party’ represented by a man named Ayub Kahn.

Ms Burdett said Mr Kahn was in negotiations with the school’s landlord and had applied to for the school’s reinstatement with the VRQA but on Wednesday afternoon a Department of Education spokesperson said the VQRA had received no application to reinstate Colmont’s registration.

The VRQA’s website said the final date for independent schools to register for 2023 was June 30. The website said applicants ‘should expect to spend a minimum of 18 months preparing [an] application for registration’.

Cor Cordis hosted a hastily arranged meeting for school parents last week, although many reported not being notified.

Cor Cordis said it would convene a second meeting of creditors in early November, with further details forthcoming.
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