Rosie Sheppard painting her pink canvas for the art show on October 15. ​

By Pam Kiriakidis

Goulburn Options Disability Support Services is counting down the days until the art display at its new studio on October 15.

The pop-up art show at 16-18 Station Street, Seymour will feature a variety of works created by Goulburn Options clients, with an open studio, gallery window and merchandise for the public to view and purchase.

For months, the show’s participants have crowded the art room several times a week, concentrating on different art styles to present their individuality on canvases, mugs, and calendars.

Goulburn Options chief executive Melinda Burgess worked alongside creative arts coordinator Mandy Gloede to enable the public to meet the artists and their artwork.

“It’ll be open all day for people to come in and out, but it’s a double office there in Station Street, Seymour and has a studio space where our artists work, and then a small shop front gallery,” Ms Burgess said.

“There are some fantastic pieces that our artists have done and we will showcase them on the day.”

The art program at Goulburn Options is a major asset to the disability service under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, NDIS.

Ms Burgess said the new building would extend Goulburn Options’ art program, offering a larger space for participants to recognise their talents and emotions when picking up a paint brush or tool.

“We have so many interested people in the art program, we’ve had to expand what we had in High Street to a totally new space to be able to continue to run. It’ll allow us to expand and have more participants join the art program,” she said.

“I think often art’s a way they feel really confident in expressing themselves, and expressing their emotions, and feelings, and it’s certainly something that they are allowed to be free about their own style.”

Goulburn Options will consider other avenues to foster the creativity of their clients.

“We’re looking at other ideas like running after school programs for younger people and perhaps weekend workshops,” Ms Burgess said.

“As a community provider that has been around for 40 years, we’ve evolved as things have changed and the NDIS has come in. We’ve only expanded our program to offer more opportunity.”

Ms Burgess said the old studio on High Street in Seymour would still be used as a sensory room.

“It’s a great space when people are feeling a bit anxious or tense – a good relaxation space, or a good quiet space when people don’t want to be around a whole lot of other people,” she said.

The Go Art pop up art show will be on October 15, from 10am to 5pm, at 16-18 Station Street, Seymour.

For more information, people can visit

Louise Slade showing her floral painting to sell at the art show in Seymour. ​