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Be Kind to Animals Week to be celebrated

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Two vision-impaired lambs have found their way to safety, and to each other, thanks to acts of kindness.

When Domino was born without eyes, it was clear she would need special care. The speckle-faced lamb was soon bound for Edgar’s Mission, a safe haven for rescued farm animals, in Lancefield.

With 430 animals in its care including other sheep with the same condition, the not-for-profit sanctuary set about giving Domino a life worth living.

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Arriving a few days later was the equally sightless Yoyo, and the two quickly became inseparable.

“Domino and Yoyo’s beautiful friendship, made possible through their other heightened senses, is a touching reminder that all animals want, need and deserve our kindness, no matter what form they’ve taken,” Edgar’s Mission director Pam Ahern said.

The sanctuary is gearing up for its 12th annual Be Kind to Animals Week, running from October 1 to 7.

“This is a time to reflect on how simple acts of kindness can have an enormous impact on all the furred, feathered, fleeced, and finned beings with whom we share this wondrous planet,” Ms Ahern said.

Ms Ahern encouraged animal lovers of all ages to take a kindness pledge, which can include dining on plant-based meals, committing a random act of kindness, or choosing products that don’t include or test on animals.

“Participants will get free delicious recipes and kindness tips throughout the week, plus the chance to win a hamper full of ethical and awesome goodies,” she said.

Children will also receive free access to fun animal facts, virtual story times, and are invited to take part in a colouring competition – perfect for school holidays.

Edgar’s Mission has rescued more than 294 animals during the past 12 months, and saved thousands after almost 20 years of operation.

But as Ms Ahern pointed out, people did not need to run a sanctuary to create a kinder world.

“It is through our daily choices – what we choose to buy or not buy, to eat and not eat, that can really make a difference for animals. You could also volunteer or donate to your favourite animal charity, leave water out for wildlife, or organise a clean up at your local park,” she said.

To take the pledge and for more information, visit

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