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Wellbeing and resilience a focus for Edgars Creek Primary School students

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EDGARS Creek Primary School students last week participated in an event aimed at improving wellbeing and resilience in response to natural disasters and global challenges.

As part of the Junior Landcare Resilience program in partnership with the Lendlease Aurora community, students and staff participated in a morning of activities guided by the principles of being, doing and creating through the Blue-banded Bee Resilience Pilot Project at the school.

Landcare Australia environmental grants and volunteering project manager Angela Snowdon said the program used a unique approach to enhance learning and understanding of the environment.

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“The Junior Landcare Resilience workshop program uses a holistic approach to enhance learning, appreciation and understanding of the environment to create a stronger connection to place and improve mental health and wellbeing,” she said.

“From yoga activities to develop mindfulness and movement to encourage physical resilience, to planning out and planting a blue banded bee garden to encourage teamwork and decision-making, the morning brought together students and partners to inspire what we hope will be ongoing activities at the school.”

The Merri Creek Management Committee also attended to provide students with plant education, making connections between the resilience of nature and people.

Artist Tinika Clifford also worked with students to create their own designs together to fulfil the creating element of the program, as well as to recognise International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

Edgars Creek Primary School principal Ann Turner-Calleri said it was a good opportunity for students to understand the historical value of the Wollert area.

“It is important for us that our school and students celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the area and the significant local flora and fauna,” she said.

The school is now looking to using the garden and activities learnt to encourage deeper connections with First Nations perspectives and the local environment for long-term resilience building among its students.

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