Prep students at St Mary's Primary School in Lancefield celebrated 100 days of school.

St Mary’s Primary School’s prep students in Lancefield celebrated 100 days of school on Wednesday.

To honour the day, children engaged in activities that revolved around the number 100, as they dressed up as 100-year-olds and brought items that totalled up to the number, including Legos, pasta pieces and balloons.

Students watched the 100th episode of Numberblocks, made fairy bread with hundreds and thousands, and created 100 crowns.

Prep teacher Chris Zarb said the students were excited to celebrate as it was a big day for them.

“It’s a beautiful way especially in their first year of school, cause it’s such a special year,” she said.

She said at an assembly last week the prep students shared what they couldn’t do before and what they could do now as part of their learning.

“It’s just showing the growth and how much more confident they are as well at school – it’s a celebration,” she said.