Students gathered at the end of Friday, which for many was their last day at the Kilmore school.

While Colmont might have been its official name for a few weeks, the colours and spirit of The Kilmore International School shone through at an all-school assembly on Friday.

Teachers, students and parents gathered on the White Street campus at 3pm to celebrate and commiserate as more than 30 years of history drew to a close.

There were few dry eyes as teacher Julie Daniells read classic Dr Seuss book Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, while fellow staff member Airom Camua-Uyehara sang soulful renditions of the Andra Day song Rise Up and Katy Perry’s Roar – a tune that had students up and dancing.

After the final bell many children stayed behind to farewell their teachers, with many sharing tears, embracing and taking pictures together.

Parents and other family members also took time to thank teachers for their efforts to support the students.

The colour red was prominent, with staff members electing to wear red clothing in recognition of The Kilmore International School, rather than Colmont’s colours of blue and white.

One parent told staff that The Kilmore International School name would live on.

“I’ll never be able to think of it as Colmont,” they said. “It’ll always be TKIS to me.”

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Colmont School staff member Airom Camua-Uyehara sings a tearful goodbye to students from years three to 10.
Teachers spoke to students at their final assembly, giving them words of hope and encouragement for their futures.
Students and staff dance to Katy Perry’s Roar.
Teachers and students braced during a final assembly.
Friends enjoyed each other’s company at the school for a final time.
Teacher Sandy McNamara with students Ira, Viaan and Adam at Colmont School’s final assembly.
Eknoor Ratoul, Parvathy Sreena Rajesh, Simrat Singh and Brahmleen Kaur smile through the tears on Colmont School’s final day.

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