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RSPCA launches short course for hobby farmers

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RSPCA Victoria will launch its first course for hobby farmers this month. 

The We Bought a farmlet course is suited to people who own a farmlet and are eager to learn more about hobby farming.

People who have undetaken a tree-change post pandemic are ideal candidates for the course, where they might be now owning and caring for livestock in small acreage systems.

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The course gives insight to responsible management and agricultural practices for animals and people. 

RSPCA Victoria education and training manager Belinda Marchbank said the course was a chance to offer knowledge, especially to people who found themselves doing the activity for the first time.

“The ‘We bought a farmlet’ short course will focus on sheep, goats, cattle, alpacas and pigs, with participants provided opportunity for practical hands-on learning thanks to RSPCA’s education animals and experts in the field,” she said.

Ms Marchbank said the sessions would teach people on how to cater for the different needs of livestock species, excluding care for horses and ponies, which requires its own course.

“Horse ownership can be a big commitment and there’s plenty to learn about caring for them. I encourage anyone interested in learning about horses to keep an eye on our website for an upcoming course,” she said.

Practical activities that will be included in the course include managing a paddock walk to view housing and fencing options; space allocations as well as supplementary feeding methods; goat handling – how to inspect a hoof; handling animals using field of vision and point of balance; and managing a health check

The first session earlier this year was booked out, and there is now a second session available starting on Saturday, October 15.

To find out more or register visit 

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