Seymour Visitor Information Centre volunteers Jodie Mackie and Sally Connell. The Mitchell Shire Council are seeking more volunteers to help staff the centre.

The Seymour Visitor Information Centre is calling for volunteers to help promote the Mitchell Shire.

Located at the Old Courthouse on Emily Street, the Visitor Information Centre is a place for visitors to discover the region and is run by friendly and knowledgeable volunteers.

Volunteer Sally Connell, who has volunteered at the centre for more than 20 years, said an advantage of volunteering was meeting new people.

“A friend asked me to help out and I decided to give it a go. I loved the experience and have never left,” she said.

“You get to learn about [people] and their part of the world and then share your passion for Mitchell Shire.”

Ms Connell said it was rewarding to be able to encourage visitors to discover the shire, especially when they might not have thought to visit.

“In the early days I kept speaking to people who were surprised at how much is going on in Mitchell Shire,” she said.

“People would often say they’ve seen signs for Seymour or Kilmore but never stopped to check it out.

“The volunteers at the centre are an important part of [Mitchell Shire] promotion. We make sure when someone does stop in, we let them know just how much there is to see and do.”

Mitchell Shire Mayor Bill Chisholm said volunteers would have the opportunity to work as part of a group and learn something about their area.

“It’s a rewarding role that doesn’t require a huge time commitment and it’s a great way to meet new people,” he said.

“You will be part of a great team and you might even discover some hidden gems in Mitchell Shire you didn’t know about.

“We know there are lots of locals keen to spread the word about Mitchell Shire and we want to hear from them.”

For more information about volunteering at the Seymour Visitor Information Centre, people can contact Amy McClinton at

Information about things to see and do in the Mitchell Shire is available at every shire customer and library service centre and at

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