Castlemaine's Ray Sharrock relieves the sheep of its wool.

A lost sheep carrying 26 kilograms of wool has been rescued from Kilmore’s Monument Hill Reserve, taken to safety with the help of 18 volunteers over the course of five hours.

Kilmore East resident Vicki spotted the sheep about four years ago, after the sheep had became separated from seven others abandoned in the reserve.

Concerned for the animal’s health, Vicki contacted Edgar’s Mission in Lancefield who were able to rescue the sheep despite heavy fog, wind and rain on the hill.

Edgar’s Mission founder and director Pam Ahern said the sanctuary nearly gave up trying to rescue the sheep after it had gone missing after a previous failed attempt.

“It was indeed the hardest rescue we have ever undertaken,” she said.

“We knew this would be our last chance to catch this poor sheep, so we gave it all we had.

“Our rescue team of 18 split into several groups, with scouts stationed at strategic points across the rugged terrain.”

Edgar’s Mission volunteers were able to carry the sheep down the hill strapped to a stretcher after an exhausting five hours of searching.

The sheep was named Victoria after the resident who first spotted her.

“I am just so proud of our team and their tenacity to bring a good outcome for this abandoned animal,” Ms Ahern said.

“She surely would not have survived another winter with all of that wool burdening her down.”

Castlemaine shearer Ray Sharrock was able to remove the 26 kilograms of wool in about an hour. Victoria will now stay in the care of the sanctuary.


  1. Congratulations to everyone concerned in the rescue of Victoria. What amazing and special people you all are – Thankyou.

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