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Brumby Action Group plans rallies as shooting date draws closer

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By Max Davies

BRUMBY Action Group is calling for legislation to acknowledge the heritage value of brumbies and address environmental issues in light of the State Government’s plan to cull Victorian brumby populations from August 1.

Brumby Action Group founder and animal rights lawyer Marilyn Nuske delivered a draft bill to Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio, also the Member for Mill Park, seeking the enactment of legislation to protect all Victorian Brumbies in December last year but is yet to receive a response.

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The group also hosted a ‘stop the war on brumbies’ rally outside Parliament House, Melbourne, earlier this month to support the call for legislation, which about 400 people attended.

Two more rallies are planned for July and August in the lead up to the planned shooting commencement date.

“Victorian Brumby Group provided speakers including a representative from New South Wales, and five members of Parliament spoke about supporting an end to the Andrews Government’s cruel plan for broad-scale shooting of brumbies across Victoria. All acknowledged the importance of the heritage value of brumbies,” Ms Nuske said.

“The rally was further supported by award winning singer songwriter Trevor Best who has been performing at the Man from Snowy River Festival for the last 20 years when he sang his anthem ‘Run Brumby Run’.”

Ms Nuske said the group’s efforts to appeal to the Liberal-Nationals Coalition had been successful despite struggles with Labor.

“Brumby Action Group has been working closely with the coalition … for nearly three years and has had four e-petitions tabled and a motion moved … which passed unanimously in the upper house to stop shooting brumbies,” she said.

“Despite the successful motion, the Andrews Government has moved forward with their morbid plans.”

The bill delivered to Ms D’Ambrosio called for legislation that would acknowledge and protect the heritage value of brumbies, as well as address any environmental issues, provide an up to date and transparent population survey and research the reasons behind the current plans.

A Parks Victoria spokesperson said authorities had a responsibility to manage animal populations and protect the natural environment.

“Parks Victoria has an obligation to control invasive species in Victoria’s national parks, including feral horses, which cause long-term and large-scale damage to native plants and animals, many of which occur nowhere else in the world,” they said.

“The conservation threats and pressure in the Alpine and Barmah National Parks have been exacerbated in recent years by damage from feral horses, deer and other feral animals, extensive habitat loss from the Black Summer bushfires, accelerated impacts of climate change and the limited progress of previous feral horse management methods.

“There are large numbers of feral horses … and the damage they cause is evident. Parks Victoria needs to respond to the current situation with the best techniques available.”

Brumby Action Group’s July 16 rally will be at Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne. For more information, visit

More information on the silent vigil on August 1 outside Parliament House, is available at

For further information about both planned rallies, articles, scientific reports and to keep up to date on future events, people can visit the Brumby Action Group Facebook page.

* Renee Neubauer was incorrectly named as a member of the Brumby Action Group in the June 14 edition of the Whittlesea Review.

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  1. Parks Victoria inability to maintain their Area’s they have to, means they need a Scapegoat,and they are doing so with The Brumbies.
    Pigs and Deer in the 100,000’s,Pattersons Curse growing out of control and area’s of overgrown grasses and Bushes that have led to Horrific Busfires.Parks laying 1080 Baits with no thought of the damage it does.Parks Victoria is a Disgrace,their management should be sacked! They are being told utter rubbish from minority groups with false Information by the Greens,ISC and others,that the Brumbies are the problem, that they must be eradicated.
    Also the Arrogance of The Victorian State Government with Lily Dambrosio and Daniel Andrews refusing to acknowledge the Peoples Petitions,with 200,000+ signatures is ignored by these Heathens.
    Lets Hope they are at least voted out in November 2022.

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