The last performances of BATS musical Mamma Mia will be on at Broadford Shire Hall this weekend. ​

Theatre patrons have a final chance this weekend to see a stageshow featuring a plethora of local stars.

After two years of a COVID-forced hibernation, performers at Broadford Amateur Theatre Society, BATS, have emerged back on the stage to perform Mamma Mia.

Knowing that audiences would celebrate the return of local theatre as passionately as the performers, BATS wanted a show guaranteed to get those watching fully involved – a show where the audience knew the words to every song as well, if not better than the cast.

What they have been able to achieve has been remarkable and audience response has confirmed the community’s support and need for the performing arts.

Under the direction of Michael Molony, every joke and set-up is given a powerful delivery and the cast have been supported in developing the characters they inhabit.

Lynda Allen has taken on dual roles as vocal coach and performing on stage as Donna, the somewhat harried mother of Sophie, played by Florence McKay.

Allen and McKay play off each other beautifully as mother and daughter and as singers keep the audience transfixed.

Dance and movement has been choreographed by talented local dancer Lauren Newman and is a real highlight of the show. 

Among other highlights of the BATS version of Mamma Mia are powerful performances by Maria Page, as Rosie, and Kailah Watson, Tanya.

Also, Shaun Geerlings-Parker is excellent in his role as Sky, with Rob Kemp, as Sam, Paul Tennant, playing Harry, and Sean McKenna, Bill, as the three unexpected wedding guests.

The performers named are matched by an equally impressive ensemble of actors, singers and dancers raising the production to another level.

Mamma Mia also showcases the talents of local musicians with a live band bringing extraordinary energy to Broadford Shire Hall. The entire show is a celebration of the return of live performance.

Remaining tickets can be purchased via Trybooking at  or visit the BATS Facebook page.

Some tickets may be available at the door although that cannot be guaranteed as the shows are selling out.

  • Contributed by Sean McKenna, BATS member

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