The story follows two con men trying to scam mechanics with dodgy degreaser. ​

By Max Davies

A new independent feature-length movie filmed mostly in the Whittlesea area has been released, put together by a Woodstock filmmaker with help from friends and family.

‘Does This Taste Like Degreaser To You?’ has been in the works for three years and is largely the work of 23-year-old filmmaker Billy Rowlands, who wrote, directed, produced and acted in the movie.

Mr Rowlands said the story was inspired by his experiences while working as an automotive spray painter.

“The story follows a pair of con men who travel through the outback to scam mechanics with fake degreaser,” he said.

“It’s loosely based on an incident at my family’s shop where someone tried to sell us fake product, and I thought that would be a good base.

“We believe in telling original stories and executing such ideas in a truly independent fashion.”

The story follows con men Bernie and Val on a road trip as they scam process targeted rural panel shops.

The pair’s plan is put at risk when they come across Vick, a dangerous panel shop owner who catches them out.

The movie’s production began in 2019 and was disrupted by COVID-19 restrictions, particularly as many of the cars used in filming were on a club permit and could not be driven during periods of increased restrictions.

Some filming was still able to continue on Mr Rowlands’ Woodstock property.

He said an aim of the movie was to present the art the Whittlesea community had to offer.

“There were a lot of friends and family involved, especially for actors,” Mr Rowlands said.

“My brother plays a role, my dad plays a role, and we’ve got an original soundtrack which was also put together for us.”

Mr Rowlands said it was his first vent feature-length film, having previously made multiple short films, skits, and skateboarding videos that he has posted on his YouTube channel since 2014.

A premiere was held for the movie’s release in late May, selling out before the movie was uploaded to YouTube.

‘Does This Taste Like Degreaser To You?’ is available in full on the Woodstock Roadshow YouTube channel at