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Kilmore Cub Scouts’ shopping success

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Kilmore Cub Scouts is continuing with its MasterChef challenge, with the most recent challenge involving participants shopping for their own supplies.

The double-point challenge began with a ‘Get Set, Shop’ at Coles Kilmore, where 19 Cubs had 10 minutes to buy enough chicken, vegetables, ingredients for gravy and a mystery item for 10 people or risk serving the judging panel raw chicken.

All three patrols finished their shopping within the timeframe and kept well within their budget of $120.

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Kilmore Cub Scouts leader in charge Martin Shaw said the second night was a success.

“Nineteen very eager and excited Cub Scouts dressed in uniform and a white apron stormed the store. Each patrol had 12 items to find and get these back to the checkout,” he said.

“While waiting for dinner to cook, the youth played three games. At 7.15pm, it was time to finalise preparation of their dish and get ready to serve to the judging panel.”

The panel on the night consisted of Flowerdale Estate Michelin Star chef Jonathon Alston, Kilmore RSL’s Peter Craker, Cub Scout youth helper Emily Brumley and Wallan Cub Scouts’ Nat Mutimer.

Grey Patrol first presented, with Eamon and Jai presenting their roast chicken dish with glow in the dark wrist bands as their mystery item. They scored 31.5 points for their meal and 9.5 for their shop.

Red Patrol’s Cody, Liam and Jackson scored 34.5 for their meal and 7.5 for their shop, with Jackson bringing out a Coles cream sponge cake as their mystery item.

While Patrol presented last, with Kobe, Logan, Jackson and Monty bringing the judges chocolate ice-creams after the meal to score 32.5 for their meal and six for their shop.

Red Patrol was declared the winner of week two with a total of 42 points, winning with the best gravy and their shopping speed.

Mr Shaw said the judges were impressed with the level of competition in the second week of the challenge.

“With a quick salute of the Australian flag, hands washed, they were ready to cook. The chickens quickly went into the camp oven and [Mr Alston] said the kids were organised,” he said.

“The judges were impressed with the chicken and vegetables cooked well, and a good selection of green vegetables.”

The Kilmore Cub Scouts MasterChef finale was on Monday night, with a dessert challenge prepared for the competitors.

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