Mitchell Drover walked from Tullamarine to Kilmore on Thursday, staying the night in Kilmore before heading to Seymour on Friday.

By Max Davies

Did you spot someone walking along the Northern Highway on your way home last Thursday evening?

That might have been Mitchell Drover, who last week set off on a 1000-kilometre walk to raise awareness and funds for Take3 for the Sea and the Australian Conservation Foundation, ACF.

Originally from Port Macquarie in New South Wales, Mr Drover’s walk will see him travel from Tullamarine to Newcastle entirely by foot and unassisted, with local businesses chipping in for accommodation and meals along the way.

Mr Drover said the walk was intended to raise awareness of ongoing environmental issues people might have forgotten.

“It’s just to bring light back to issues that have been washed out from COVID and everything else and these problems are only getting bigger,” he said.

“All while just supporting two great organisations as well along the way.”

Mr Drover last Thursday left Tullamarine, walking for around 10 hours to Kilmore where the Fox on the Run motel donated a room for him to stay the night, and Noodle Centre and Kemp’s Bakery donated dinner and breakfast respectively.

On the journey, Mr Drover will visit Benalla, Albury, Wagga Wagga, Bathurst, and Sydney, before the final stretch to Newcastle where he is expected to arrive in early July.

Mr Drover had previously completed charity events on a smaller scale and spent four years with the army before leaving to pursue an interest in sustainability about three years ago.

“I’ve done a bunch of different charity fundraisers through marathons and I’ve hiked the Snowy Mountains in board shorts and nothing else,” he said.

“I’ve done heaps of stuff but nothing to this length.”

Mr Drover hopes his walk can help educate people about sustainability, as well as promote change in everyday lifestyles to inspire improvements at the highest level.

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