Kilmore Cub Scout Eamon presents his patrol's dish to the panel of judges at last Monday's commencement of the MasterChef challenge.

Monday marked the first day of Kilmore Cub Scouts’ MasterChef challenge, where across three nights the group will prepare entrées, main meals and desserts.

The challenge started with the Cubs, who had been split into three patrols, cooking an entrée and putting it before a panel to be scored, similar to the much-loved television show.

Kilmore Cub Scouts leader in charge Martin Shaw said the challenge was a way to engage the group after missing out on activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, with all involved excited to take part.

“Scouting is fun and adventurous; it allows the youth to explore and try new things. With lockdowns gone, the Cub Scouts are making up for lost time and wanted to run a Cub Scouts MasterChef competition,” he said.

“Over a course of three weeks the 1st Kilmore Cub Scouts will prepare an entrée, main course, and a dessert … these boys and girls set out to cook jaffles, damper and pizza in 90 minutes on an open fire [for entrées].”

Coles Kilmore is sponsoring the event, providing ingredients for a ‘mystery box’ challenge requiring the Cubs to cook certain elements for their meals from scratch.

Meals were presented to the judging panel which included Mitchell Shire Council Mayor Bill Chishom, guest Lyn Beaumont, parent Tkora McIlvain, and Wallan Cub Scouts’ Glen Ker.

“To score each patrol, the judges asked the youth the origin of the dish, asked about the challenges in making the dish and then proceed to score the dish out of 10, for taste, appearance and creativity,” Mr Shaw said.

“The judges were overwhelmed, especially when served jaffle lamingtons created by grey patrol member Jai with his novel way of creating in a frying pan when all jaffle irons were in use.

“Another highlight for the judges was the damper server with fresh butter. The Cubs now know, butter is made from cream and not milk.”

Grey patrol won the evening with their jaffles scoring 35/40 points, while white patrol scored 33.5/40 for pizza and red patrol scored 30/40 for damper.

Next week’s edition of the Review will update readers on last night’s challenge where the patrols cooked its main meals.

Members of the white patrol prepare their pizzas to present to the judging panel.