Nexus Primary Health thanked its volunteers in Mitchell Shire during National Volunteers Week.

IN celebration of National Volunteer Week, Nexus Primary Health has acknowledged the volunteers that are a vital part of its team.

This year’s National Volunteer Week, from May 16 to 22, has the theme of ‘Better Together’.

Nexus believes the theme describes its community perfectly, and the contribution that volunteers provide is invaluable.

Nexus volunteers participate in a range of services and are a vital part in helping people access health services, healthy nutritious meals and provide social support.

Volunteering is also a great way to build experience and obtain employment.

Nexus’ current volunteering opportunities are:

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels volunteers help deliver meals to people in the community who may have difficulty making meals themselves.

Volunteering with Meals on Wheels is a great way to be a part of a community and create relationships.

Meals on Wheels volunteers are based in Alexandra, Eildon, Yea, Kilmore, Broadford and Seymour.

Social Support Volunteer

This program helps older people, who live alone, to be a part of the community. It gives the volunteer the chance to become friends with an older person.

Spending a few hours a week with another person can help people feel less lonely.

Transport Volunteer

This program will link a volunteer to an older people who cannot drive. The volunteer will help them attend medical appointments in their local area. This will help older people live more independently.

Rodger and Colleen have been volunteering for several years and have been an incremental part to the community.

They had to say this about their experience with volunteering:

Rodger, Colleen and I have been volunteers with Meals on Wheels for a long time. I’ve been volunteering for over 20 years and Colleen for 35 years!

We have both found it very rewarding, as have the many different codrivers we have volunteered with over the years. My co-driver for a few years was a senior citizen over 80 years old, but he loved doing Meals on Wheels as he knew all the clients and was always happy to chat with them.

Colleen: When I first started volunteering with Meals on Wheels 35 years ago, the rosters were worked out by two ladies and delivered to your letterbox.

There were three rounds of meal deliveries a day and each round had between 17-22 meals. We picked up the meals at the Seymour Hospital and loaded them into the cars with the hot boxes, soup containers and utensils for dishing out the meals. We also carried very old money bags to put the cash in that the clients paid when they received their delivery.

As volunteers we also did additional things to help Meals on Wheels clients such as posting their mail and if necessary, shopping for any urgent needs they may have had. The smile on the client’s faces when we helped them was our reward for volunteering with Meals on Wheels.

A fond memory I have of my volunteering experience is a gentleman client who always had an iced cordial ready for whichever volunteer was visiting him.

Another good thing about volunteering for Meals on Wheels is being able to support clients who find themselves in situations where they needed help and being able to step in. Hopefully, if in the future we ever need Meals on Wheels, there will still be volunteers getting involved.

Nexus is always looking for more volunteers to join its team. Those interested in finding out more can visit the volunteering page on or call 1300 77 33 52.

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