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Willowmeade resident turns 107

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IF you are thinking of living to the age of 107, you might want to start upping your ginger consumption.

It is this humble root to which BlueCross Willowmeade aged care resident Shirley Dally jokingly attributed her longevity as she celebrated her 107th birthday last week.

She said her lifelong enjoyment of lollies infused with ginger and peppermint was her secret to success.

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Ms Dally, who was born in 1915 and adopted from foster care before being raised in Fitzroy, celebrated her birthday in a low-key event with staff and her son Alan Thomas, a regular visitor.

She told staff that she did not ‘like a lot of fuss’ about her birthday, preferring instead to recount stories from her past when she was a conductor on double-decker buses and trains.

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