A SET of ratios will guide infrastructure provision across Mitchell Shire’s south in a council effort to make sure no community is left behind.

Council last month adopted community infrastructure provision ratios for areas inside Melbourne’s urban growth boundary including Wallan and Beveridge, as well as Kilmore, which is outside the boundary.

The guidelines cover health, sporting and other community infrastructure and set clear targets.

Examples from the policy include requirements of: one maternal and child health room per 130 newborns; 80 kindergarten enrolment places per 100 children aged three and four; one multipurpose room for more than 200 people per 20,000 people; one municipal performing arts space per 150,000 people; one indoor pool per 50,000 people; one Australian rules football oval per 5000 people; one cricket oval per 3500 people; one soccer pitch per 6000 people; one tennis court per 2500 people; one netball court per 4000 and 6000 people for outdoor and indoor courts respectively; and one basketball court per 6500 people.

Cr Rhonda Sanderson said with populations across Mitchell Shire’s south set to swell, the guidelines would ensure all communities had adequate access to community infrastructure.

“Mitchell is growing at a fair rate of knots and one of the main tasks for council is planning,” she said.

“We’ve got about 50,000 people at the moment, nearly doubling in the next 10 years to about 90,000 people and then growing steadily.

“We need to do a lot of planning, particularly in our growth areas of Wallan, Beveridge and Kilmore, and that’s what this is about.

“[Staff have developed] some ratios that can help us as a tool to support planning and advocacy for these growing communities to ensure we’ve got all the facilities they need.”

Cr Sanderson said the ratios would be reviewed consistently and could be changed in accordance with community expectations.

Cr Fiona Stevens said the ratios would apply only to the southern parts of the shire and not in slower-growing areas further north.

“The towns within the urban growth boundary need to be treated slightly differently to the rest of the shire,” she said.

“That doesn’t mean that the infrastructure is going to be limited to those areas, it just means it will be planned for in a different manner.”

Cr Rob Eldridge commended council staff for formulating the ratios.

“There is no standardised infrastructure ratio available for us, so this is a piece of work that the staff have put together,” he said.

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