The Liberals will allocate funding to improve mobile coverage in Mernda.

A new TPG site is set for 140 Schotters Road, Mernda.

The Morrison Government last week announced it planned to spend $28.2 million on 66 projects to improve mobile coverage, competition and address blackspots.

Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher said a Liberal Government was committed to improving mobile connectivity for people living in outer urban areas as part of its plan for a strong economy and a stronger future for Australia.

“Improving coverage on the urban fringe will help communities access vital information during emergencies, seek help if needed and stay in touched with loved ones,” he said. 

Senator Greg Mirabella welcomed the funding to build three new mobile sites in McEwen, with another two set for Gisborne.

“Mobile connectivity and black spot issues are commonplace in areas such as the Macedon Ranges, Gisborne and Woodend. I am excited that the Morrison Government is delivering the infrastructure to finally get this fixed for the people of McEwen,” he said.

Liberals candidate for McEwen Richard Welch said it was great news.

“This will improve coverage for people living in Gisborne and Mernda and is an incredible outcome for our community,” he said.

“Connectivity is critical for families, and we can’t support and grow our regional businesses without it. We all understand the pain of a phone call dropping out midway, or not being able work because of limited connectivity.

“But limited connectivity also restricts economic growth by preventing people working from home and hurting local productivity.

“I have lost count of how many times mobile coverage been raised as an issue when holding listening posts in Gisborne, Mernda, Woodend, Macedon and St Andrews and Panton Hill.”

Mr Welch said if elected he planned to deliver better connectivity across McEwen.

“My personal commitment is that if I am elected, I will fight for better connectivity by working together with our communities to secure the better connectivity we need,” he said.