Mountain Brumby Sanctuary co-founder Gabi Black with one of the brumbies at the property near Broadford.

BROADFORD’S Mountain Brumby Sanctuary is on the lookout for trainers and volunteers.

Since opening its gates to trapped brumbies in mid-2020, the sanctuary has rehomed scores of the horses.

At its peak the sanctuary was home to 65 brumbies, but co-founder Gabi Black said there were now about 30.

With much of the work of feeding and handling the horses falling to a small group of volunteers, Ms Black said the sanctuary was keen to bring more trainers on board.

“We need trainers who can volunteer once a week or whenever they have a couple of hours just to gain their trust and handle them,” she said.

“We just need to tame them so we can rehome them.

“We don’t break them in because everybody wants to do something different. Some people send them to a trainer and some people don’t even want to break them in and want them just as a companion horse.”

Ms Black said the sanctuary needed extra support in light of State Government plans to begin aerial culling of brumbies in coming months.

She said she met the other co-founders of the sanctuary while attending a protest of brumby aerial culling in 2020, and the group remained opposed to the practice.

“You can’t kill a horse from the air with one shot. It’s a very cruel method,” she said.

“Deer and wild pigs in the high country do more environmental damage than brumbies, but nobody talks about them. They always blame the brumbies.”

Ms Black said the group would accept support of any kind, including donations and offers of extra land to house brumbies temporarily.

She said sanctuary volunteers had worked hard to improve their current property in the past two years.

“We don’t have much money to spend, but we fixed all the fences up here,” she said.

“We’re looking for a property with more grass so that we don’t need to spend so much money on food, because it’s quite expensive.

“We only keep going through donations and sponsorship for the brumbies. We’re a non-profit organisation and anyone can sponsor us.”

People can call Ms Black on 0490 759 033 or email for more information.