City of Whittlesea residents will have a household glass recycling service later this year, with council planning to fast-track the service in line with the State Government’s requirement of a standardised four-bin waste and recycling system.

Residents will have the opportunity to firstly complete a survey on their thoughts about how the service will be delivered.

Council is aiming to ensure information sent out in the lead up to the first collection answers all residents’ questions.

Council currently provides residents with a general waste bin and a mixed recycling bin, as well as an opt-in food and organics waste bin.

A 120-litre bin with a purple lid will soon be provided for glass recycling, to be emptied monthly.

Chair administrator Lydia Wilson said council’s commitment to sustainability was driving the fast tracked introduction of the service.

“We know through the development of the Rethinking Waste Plan that our community is committed to reducing waste and keeping it out of landfill so we want to deliver the best recycling services we can as soon as possible,” she said.

Ms Wilson said a separate bin for glass was required as it often broke during the collection process, making it difficult to sort from other materials.

“Keeping the glass separate will mean more material will be able to be recycled into valuable products used to create reusable items like bottles and jars,” she said.

“Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill by 68,000 tonnes each year and the amount of waste generated per person by 20 per cent are just some of the targets set out in council’s Rethinking Waste Plan.” 

Recycled glass can be used in road base, a method the City of Whittlesea used when resurfacing Yale Drive in Epping last year.