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Improved school safety for the Mitchell Shire

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ALL traffic at school crossings in the Mitchell Shire will now be recorded by cameras as part of an initiative to improve the safety of students, parents, crossing supervisors and all other crossing users.

Reports of drivers speeding through school crossings, failing to stop and abusing crossing supervisors has increased, creating a need for cameras to be installed by Mitchell Shire Council with the support of schools.

Mitchell Shire Mayor Bill Chisholm said council was concerned to hear of reports of dangerous driving around school crossings.

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“Most drivers do the right thing, but these cameras will help to put a stop to behavior that endangers parents, students and crossing supervisors,” he said.

“I want to thank council staff and crossing supervisors for their work in making this project possible and the Men’s Shed for their great work in making the mounting brackets and weather covers.”

The cameras are mounted on posts each day by crossing supervisors using brackets made by the Broadford Men’s Shed. Bespoke covers made for this project also ensure a clear image of vehicle number plates in all weather conditions.

If there is an incident, footage will be downloaded from the cameras and passed onto police. Signs will also be installed to alert drivers of the cameras.

Crossing supervisors will help children cross safely as they travel to and from school, when school resumes next week, and all drivers are asked to follow their instructions.

School zone speed limits will be back in force and council’s local laws officers will also be monitoring and enforcing parking restrictions.

Adults are encouraged to lead by example and cross at the designated crossings. Drivers are also encouraged to make full use of drop off points and to remain patient as the school rush hits.

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